Why us?

About Hehexin(HHX)

Who we are?
Hehexin Electronic technology Established in 2003, is a China-based high-quality printed circuit boards fabrication, assembly and parts sourcing services supplier.Located in GuangDong Shenzhen.Our employee is more then 200, including high-quality managers, engineers and workers, Annual output of 1.6 million square feet PCBs, total value is over two hundred million USD.

What we can do?
Our varying manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce a comprehensive range of products, including HDI PCB, high-Tg PCB, thick copper PCB, Big size PCB as standard options, as well as more specialist capabilities such as flexable PCB, rigid flex PCB, Omega Replica aluminum base and Rogers PCB. We also have no limited on volume, we could provides you the best convenience and prices from prototype to mass production for PCBs and Assembly.

Our purpose
Our aim is to provide the best value in the industry based on product quality, turn-around time and low prices. Our experienced engineers and helpful support staff will ensure that you get PCBs made exactly to your specifications.

Our Service
If you have any requirement or question, you can sent E-mail to info@pcb.com or give a call to +86 775 26528892, we will give you reply within 12hours. you can also upload your gerber via the form in the bottom of the Cheap Omega Replica. we will offer you the specific quotation as quick as we can.

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