Aluminum PCB Capabilities

Aluminum PCB Capabilities

Layer 1-24
Material Aluminum core (Domestic 1060), Copper core, FR4 covering
Thickness (Finished Board) 0.8 mm-5.0 mm
Max. Board Size 610 mm*610 mm
Copper weight (finished) 0.5 oz-4.0 oz
Surface Finish Hot air solder leveling (HASL)
Lead-free HASL: RoHS compliant
Electroless nickel/immersion gold (ENIG): RoHS compliant
Min. Tracing/Spacing 4 mil/4 mil
Min. diameter of drill 8mil
Min. Annular ring 4mil
Soldermask Color Green, red, black, yellow, white, blue, green matt, black matt
Silkscreen Legend Color White, Black, Yellow
Countersink holes Yes
Screw holes Yes

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