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Airbrush Tattoo >> Beginner Airbrush Buyers Guide

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So if you want to buy yourself one of these you don’t have to go look in it’s right there for you can just click on it and it’ll take you right to it airbrush kits, so everybody always asks for a beginner air brush airbrush paint.And I have a review of this air brush here before I’ve used this air brush for over a year, Cheap Breitling Replica now it works great, it’s a little bit junkie, it has a little wiggle jiggle to the stuff in there but overall the spray pattern is great and the responsiveness is great, it sprays just about anything.So yeah, this particular set here comes with three different needle tips, um, and the hose and everything you need to get hooked up all for thirty bucks can’t beat the value it works great, keep it clean and you have yourself a good beginner air brush now if you want to paint t-shirts, if you want something a little bit more reliable, easy to find parts, um.Or just in general just something that’ll paint just about everything from fine details to large spray patterns, um, these are the badger air brush a one fifty five anthems, these are the air versus I have right back over here I use these every single day like these are just a workhorse air brushes I would recommend these to anybody, um.And yeah, they do start getting a little more pricey but they perform you know just great, they are bottom feeder brushes so we’ll need to buy bottles for these but I’ve got a recommendation on bottles and yeah this air brush here is really good, so then on the high end if you want to paint you know more detail or if you just want to paint really small stuff like miniatures and you’re going to do like really detailed stuff, um.This is what I recommend I’ve used the hpc’s by I water the eclipse.Why eclipse hpc S I don’t know why that was hard to say, but this our first year I’ve owned a few of them I still own one now, and this is what I use when I need that extra bit of detail a little extra control, I’ll bust one of these out you know get the paint just right, and this works really good, it is a maintenance queen so you do have to keep these nice and clean, as long as you don’t let any paint dry up in it or anything like that these air brushes work, amazing, um, so yeah, this is more on the high end but like I said this air brush here can be used from it for pretty much anything I wouldn’t really recommend it for sure, because the top feet but again if you just need that detail, maybe for the blacks to black out your detail lines or whatever, this is the air brush I recommend.Now, Breitling Replica Watches as far as those bottles go, this is the set of bottles that I currently am using and I would recommend these they were really good I used to use the pretext paint adapters for the bottles the bottle adapters, but those are getting really expensive for some reason, they’re like ten dollars for a three pack a which I cannot recommend not out of my wallet not out of my mind, but this right here, it’s eighteen dollars for ten pack just less than two dollars each and yeah they’re big they’re 3. 4 rounds so they hold enough paint for big projects and yeah the inside is like paint resistant it’s really slick plastic so they’re easy to clean.I would recommend these to just anybody now, everybody always ask me, what kind of pain I use oh man, how many times have I seen this commenter got this email or whatever, and this is the set if you’d.A beginning and you don’t know what paint to use I would recommend this as a good reference I’ve used this for over ten years maybe longer, I’m.And yeah like there’s lots of paints out there, this paint usually in stock, it’s easy to use, they have lots of different styles of paint, you know that create text line, it includes the wicked paints, it includes the auto air paints like there’s just so many colors, so many styles and just everything you need create X has this is a good beginner set, if you need the basic colors and the transparent in their packs.And this comes with the black and white and all the basic colors, you can mix up all the colors after that, so this is what I would recommend this is the paint I use right here okay, so everybody always asks for a compressor as well, and here’s the compressor that I would recommend now I have a video showing all my compressors and that video doesn’t really even show them all have lots of compressors, but if you’re just starting or if you just need a good reliable compressor for your home studio or something like that this is what I recommend, it’s pretty quiet, you can talk over it, so it’s safe to take for literal events or you know using your house without waking up all the whole neighborhood, this thing right here works works really good, it’s nice and quiet and yeah it has a one gallon tank I keep it about forty PS I when I’m using this and it works amazing I would recommend this to anybody, this is a double recommend, if I could give this thing eight stars out of five I would I would probably give it ten.This is like I’ve had this thing for a few years now, and it still works great I keep it in its box I only take it out to events works really good.It’s a great collection, a great addition to my collection of compressors, here I like having this thing I recommend it now all the paintings back, there are doing on canvas, everybody always asks me, what do you paint on I paint on canvas, where do you get it primed, does it come with this, well, what do you use on it, but here is a good pack of canvases, that’s already primed its already stretched for you it’s already nail.You just gotta paint on it.You just mask it up, however you want you paint to a set of six of them and they’re really high quality cameras to last your lifetime and put some clear coat over your painting or whatever you’ll be able to wipe them down clean it off.This, this is what I recommend get yourself a good set of cameras, you can get a cheap set, but usually the wood warps the wood, you know used to stretch the canvas onto gets deformed or after a while, it’s hanging you’ll see that certain corners aren’t really on the wall anymore. Get Breitling Replica yourself a good pack of canvases, this is what I recommend.Now it’s paint those canvases, you need an easel and this is the easel, I’d recommend right here it’s twenty dollars they have in black and Silver, it has fully adjustable so you can use it on a table, you could also use it standing anywhere in between, you can adjust the height of the item, you’re painting as well as the top has a clamp so that you don’t knock it over or anything like that you know how many times I’ve.Gone somewhere to paint forgot my easel, and then you know somebody bumps the table because I’m having to prop it up on something somebody bumps the table, my painting goes flying, and then you know it gets messed up, or you paint spills on it, something always happens and yeah if I just wouldn’t have forgotten my easel it wouldn’t just have been avoided and yeah so having an easel with clamps, instead I would recommend it, this is the one I recommend.And that’s pretty much all the stuff you need to actually get air brushing if you need something to paint on you need something to paint the thing on you need a compressor, you need paint, you need bottles for the paint and then you need a good air brush which I would recommend the badger over the other two again, if you’re just beginning this is a really good one if you’re just beginning the g 22 is pretty good and the badgers just good in general, if you already know what you’re doing or you know just beginning this will get you through all of that and then again if you need super details, the hpc ‘s.Is a really good air brush just in general again all the links to all the stuff down below.